Having been diagnosed with cancer will make you ask a lot of questions. Stay calm, don’t panic, there is a solution for everything. The number of cancer patients is continuously growing in industrialised nations. Experts predict these numbers will double within the next 20 years. Therefore, it is vital to create new and innovative concepts for prevention, treatment and aftercare. In addition to the 3 million cancer patients currently living in Germany, there will be approximately 350,000 new cases. Despite intensive standard therapies such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the success rate for curing cancer has only increased marginally, for certain cancer types. Chemotherapy, which is widely used, has a success rate of only 2.5 – 3%. This rather low efficiency rate is the findings of a survey of 785,000 case files of cancer patients in America.

Remember: You and you alone have the strongest and most immediate desire to be continuously cured of cancer!

For a patient recently diagnosed with cancer (primary tumor) it is important everything is done to reduce the probability of the emergence of metastases. Given the current standard of oncology, every patient must be in charge of him/herself.

Oxygen Combination Therapy – indispensable for the treatment of cancer
A therapy without the use of the oxygen combination therapy would be an inexcusable mistake. As already mentioned, the use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy without being accompanied by OCT is irresponsible from a medical point of view. We can certainly soften the side-effects of aggressive therapies by using OCT. Oxygen actively intervenes in the cancer process. Phagocytes, which destroy cancer cells, increase in number and activity. Even more so, if we add the chip-card operated magnetic field therapy from the laboratories of the University of Saarland (Germany). This type of treatment is still useful when conventional medicine has no more solutions, when the patient is being told “There is nothing more we can do for you”.


iStock_laborbildiStock-laborbildWhat should a patient do, when he/she is being told that there is nothing more that can be done for them other than giving up? Let them be told: “Even without our knowledge of medicine – there is an inner healer within us, and once activated, he knows exactly what to do to heal us!”








According to the Austrian cancer specialist Prof. Dr. Dr. Heinrich Wrba: “Cancer therapy without OCT , by today’s standards, is not efficient enough to deal with the seriousness of the disease. Oxygen therapy is one of the most important strategies towards cancer”. The radiologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Ernst Krokowski (who, regrettably, passed away long before his time) consistently made the point that oxygen has the highest significance in the corollary treatment of cancer. Prof. Dr. Manfred von Ardenne is also of the opinion that oxygen provides instant help for conventionally treated cancer patients and that it decreases the probability of arising metastases. Combined with OCT, it is possible to compensate the strong depressive effects of conventional therapy.

The purpose of surgery is the complete removal of cancer tumors and potentially affected adjacent lymph nodes.laborbild_Miller_9 However, it cannot always succeed in reaching the entire tumor, and surgery could encourage the spreading of cancer through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, the removal of the cancer does not exclude the danger of reoccurrence, as your physician will most certainly have made you aware of. More and more surgeons nowadays are of the opinion that cancer is not merely a localized illness, but one affecting the entire human being.

Its purpose is to destroy cancer cells with very large doses of predominantly radioactive rays. This results in a decrease of blood – and lymph flow in the irradiated areas, and often in a disturbance of haematopiesis (creation of blood). Only radiosensitive cancers ought to be irradiated as the rays used for treatment can themselves, in turn, cause cancer and leukemia.

Chemotherapy mostly causes a massive deterioration of quality of life (loss of hair, weakening of the immune system, gastro- intestinal problems etc.), and is still being used for tumors, which, as experience shows, are not affected by these chemical poisons (MOSS 1997). Regrettably, there are hardly any comprehensive and well-documented studies which prove the effectiveness of chemotherapy on tumors of body issue (solid tumors). In advanced tumors, chemotherapy is ineffective for prolonging a patient’s life (ABEL 1990.). Chemotherapy can also cause an increase of leukemia cases. The recently developed high–dose-chemotherapy has not lived up to expectations. It was even discovered that research results had been falsified; this is currently being investigated by the courts. Recent studies in the US prove a close correlation between pH in a cancerous environment and the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy drugs in an acidic environment. A tumour will always present itself in an acidic environment. Hence, for decades, the proponents of biological medicine have been seeking for a healthy acid – base balance. Ask your oncologist or radiologist whether they would, under the same circumstances, undergo chemotherapy, and look them in the eye when they reply.

Biological Treatment of Cancer
If you have carefully read the brief chapters on the standard of cancer treatment you will undoubtedly have realised that these methods are obviously not a panacea. Not only does the biological treatment of cancer involve patients holistically, it also requires their active co-operation in every respect. The doctor and carer will predominately become the patients’ advisor and companion on the road to recovery.

iStock_000005693031SmallNatural Therapies
Natural healing methods strengthen the immune system and help the body, mind and soul to find the individual path to self- healing. Something is wrong with our health system. Conventional medicine, being largely symptom orientated and highly technical, has quite apparent limits when faced with everyday medical practise. The treatment of chronic or multiple diseases obviously requires a different strategy -which conventional medicine is not able to provide. Natural healing methods which are derived from time honoured natural healing procedures can fulfil a patient’s requirements. The aim of biological cancer treatment is to stimulate the self healing process by means of strengthening the immune system and the entire body at all levels.

This includes: Healthy Eating, Vitamins, Mistle Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Organo Therapy, Ozone Therapy

This is why we offer our patients these adjuvant and complementary treatments. It is, of course, necessary to check relevant diagnostic findings before any treatment can commence.

Please consider the following statement:
When a doctor tells patients: “I know what your problem is, I know exactly how to treat you, I already know that the therapy will be successful,” it will make them feel confident instead of insecure. When patients again believe in their healing they will feel strong and full of relief. This is the best healing environment.

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