Oxygen deficiency is the cause of many ailments. The older you get, the more important replenishment is! Oxygen dilates blood vessels. Following the application of combined oxygen-ion therapy according to Prof. Ardenne, we will in most cases, see the restoration of a diminishing blood micro-circulation and a decrease in the swelling of the tissue walls.

This will last for approximately 12-15 months and is very effective for many patients with high blood pressure, heart attack, angina pectoris, stroke and arteriosclerosis.

Cancer is nothing more than an illness which involves the body as much as it does mind and soul. This serious disease need not necessarily be terminal.

The biggest efforts of standard therapy such as surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy have succeeded to improve healing rates merely for some types of cancer.

In severel cases, where the body has reached the final stages of acid excretion and where acid concentration rises continuously, death will be the result.Only the immune system is able to recognize and kill developing cancer cells in the early stages. The problem is that older peole, due to a deteriorating immune system, often fall prey to viruses and bacteria. These people have only limited resistance. The natural shield of the body`s defence system is the thymus gland which, from the age of 50 onwards, is hardly adequate anymore for a human`s defence purposes. Defence cells originate in the bone marrow (stem cells) and continue to develop in the intestinal wall and in the thymus gland. In unfavourable life circumstances body cells weaken, become inefficient, and have a tendency to deteriorate or to die prematurely. They are helpless against cancer cells and suffer under aggressive cancer treatment such as surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy.

iStock_000006756803SmallRising healthcare costs have not necessarily resulted in improved health.Something is wrong with our public health service. It is obvious that the purely symptom- orientated and highly technical, orthodox medicine has its limits. In the human body there is hardly any organ, tissue or element of function that cannot be damaged by acidosis (acidity), which, in turn, cannot be improved by detoxification.

The spinal column is not merely (as many still believe) the support system of the human body, it is, more importantly, the central life-axis for us human beings. To this day many anatomists are convinced that we are still not accustomed to walking and standing on two legs, despite the fact that we began to practise doing so over 800,000 years ago. While our cervical vertebrae have to carry the least load it is the lumbar region of the spine which has to carry the highest. Therefore, it is in the lumbar spine (L1 – L5) where most back pain originates.