Cancer is nothing more than an illness which involves the body as much as it does mind and soul. This serious disease need not necessarily be terminal.

The biggest efforts of standard therapy such as surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy have succeeded to improve healing rates merely for some types of cancer.

In severel cases, where the body has reached the final stages of acid excretion and where acid concentration rises continuously, death will be the result.Only the immune system is able to recognize and kill developing cancer cells in the early stages. The problem is that older peole, due to a deteriorating immune system, often fall prey to viruses and bacteria. These people have only limited resistance. The natural shield of the body`s defence system is the thymus gland which, from the age of 50 onwards, is hardly adequate anymore for a human`s defence purposes. Defence cells originate in the bone marrow (stem cells) and continue to develop in the intestinal wall and in the thymus gland. In unfavourable life circumstances body cells weaken, become inefficient, and have a tendency to deteriorate or to die prematurely. They are helpless against cancer cells and suffer under aggressive cancer treatment such as surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy.

Combined additional therapies against serious diseases
Our concept makes use of a range of natural healing methods which achieve the maximum biological destruction rate of tumour cells. These include the Oxygen – Ion – Therapy, which has been used successfully for decades. We further use the Carbon Dioxide – Ozone – Therapy in an enclosed cubicle for the detoxification of the whole body. A major feature in our concept for the fight against cancer is the therapy using Organo – Therapy & Remedies. Indispensable for any treatment of tumours is the Magnetic – Field – Therapy which, and this is vital, re-increases the cell tension in the tumour cells

Oxygen – Ion – Therapy
SauerstofftherapieBased on numerous studies it is known today that the use of molecular oxygen is biologically worthless. For that reason, the oxygen used for our therapy is electrically charged with between 500,000 and 5,000,000 ions. Therefore, the ionised oxygen better adheres to the lungs´ alveoli, resulting in an improvement in creating energy rich phosphates. The improved availability of energy results in a restoration of the sodium – potassium – pump, a biochemical mechanism in our circularity system in charge of the swelling-state of cells.

Effect: The endothelium (inner lining of vessel) will contract again. This process can be examined using an electron microscope. In addition, the above measures will lead to an increase in the output of ATP. The exchange of energy rich phosphates inside the body happens rather fast, compared to their limited amount, thus, their constant recreation has to take place via gaseous exchange in the cells. It is therefore impossible to refuel large stores of energy.

Oxygen – Ion – Therapy - indispensable for the treatment of cancer
Not to use Oxygen – Ion – Therapy would be an inexcusable mistake! From a medical point of view, the use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy without being accompanied by Oxygen – Ion – Therapy is irresponsible. We can certainly alleviate the side effects of aggressive therapies by using OIT. Moreover, oxygen (o2) actively intervenes in the cancer process. This happens by way of stimulating phagocytic defence. Phagocytes are the body’s own defence forces which destroy foreign-bodies such as bacteria, and also cancer cells. This type of treatment is still useful when conventional medical science has no more solutions, when a patient is being told: „ Nothing more can be done, go home and get your affairs in order.“

The Austrian oncologist Prof. Dr. Wrba has described the above treatment as one of the most important strategies against cancer. After surgery, radiation- and chemotherapy the patient - according to Prof. Wrba – enters the dark and dangerous phase of his illness. However, it is in exactly this phase that well thought-out and unharmful biological remedies ought to be used, and where eating habits ought to be changed so that the cancer does not reoccur.

To quote the Nobel prize winner for medicine, Prof. Dr. Warburg: Oxygen - giver of life! ! !

Organo – Therapy & Remedies
Organo-TherapyNothing in nature, be it in plants or in the bodies of animals or humans, is without function. Especially important are the so-called inner secretory organs such as the pancreas, whose islets (of Langerhans) regulate the blood sugar levels. Millions of diabetics nowadays owe their continued survival to insulin – an extract of animal origin. According to modern science, the development of a body’s immune system is closely linked to the thymus gland. The older we get, the weaker our immune system gets. The reason for this is the degeneration of the thymus gland, the function of which is more and more taken over by the lymph- and bone system. Nowadays, as we reach twice the age of humans approximately 500 years ago, most people’s immune systems are insufficient. What is required, therefore, is the replenishment of the immune system for example through Thymus – Fresh – Extract. The prolonged intake of antibiotics, for instance, or other strong medications, such as the treatment of cancer through chemo- or radiation therapy, will eventually lead to a weakening of the immune system.

Therefore, this natural healing method is also ideal for the aftercare of operations or aggressive therapies such as radiation- or chemotherapy. Side effects will be reduced, relapses and spreading of tumours to other regions of the body are decreased. Pain can be reduced; there is less need for analgesics. It is impressive to note that Organo – Therapy & Remedies can still be of use even if long term survival may seem doubtful. The suffering patients’ relief from pain alone warrants the use –the substantial use– of Organo – Therapy & Remedies. In the light of growing awareness and considering the level of pain involved in the treatment of cancer patients, it would seem to us, who know about the possibilities of Organo – Therapy & Remedies, like failure to render assistance not to offer these therapies to critically ill patients.

OrganoWe need to use our knowledge to stand by our patients as advocates – medical advocates – in order to support them in their justified wishes to lead a meaningful life, and, where this is not possible, to ensure a humane death. With Organo –Therapy & Remedies we have a powerful weapon and a solid ground for the treatment of patients who may be chronically or even fatally ill. The application of finely filtered and possibly specially isolated components of the thymus of young, healthy pigs and cattle results in a verifiable progeny of lymph cells. To use the example of immune cells as ‘army of soldiers’: when they are decimated, thymus- therapy can provide the reinforcements. Thymus extracts are injected into the muscle tissue. Minor swellings and reddenings of the injected areas are a sign of the stimulating effect this has on the immune cells. In many university studies treatment with thymus and organ peptides has been proven to reduce side effects of chemotherapy.

Tumour and Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic Field TherapyAll those responsible, interested and affected will surely agree that no stone should be left unturned in the fight against cancer. To examine some statistics from studies of a number of research institutes: Magnetic field therapy in oncology. The scientific institute for oncology (Rostov-on-Don) reports that a group of 20 patients between 50 and 70 years of age (18 of them in the third, two of them in the fourth stages of lung cancer) are being treated with pulsating magnetic field therapy. The dosage of the field is subject to constant monitoring of the peripheral haemogram. There are two sessions per week with a treatment time of 3 – 20 minutes. It is clear form this study that magnetic field therapy has a noticeable anti tumour effect by causing large amounts of necrosis within the tumour. Necrotic areas within a tumour increase with the number of magnetic field treatments.

Carbonic Acid – Ozone – Therapy
The value of detoxification treatment nowadays cannot be overemphasised. As the well-known physician Prof. Dr. Alfred Pischinger said a long time ago: …do not merely look at the blood, look at the extracellular fluid (ECF) and the human environment. World wide there are over 8 Million chemical substances. Every day we have contact with approx. 70,000 of these. Amongst them are medicines, preservatives, cosmetics, exhaust fumes etc. Nowadays, when we hear more and more demands for detoxification and inner cleansing we should not merely snigger at it as the latest fashion trend, but we should see this as the realisation that many a person’s health can be improved and restored by these methods. What is different is simply the approach in using modern methods. As Paracelsus (1493 – 1541) remarked: “Wherever nature causes pain, it accumulates harmful substances and tries to get rid of them, and if nature itself cannot bring this about, the doctor must create an artificial opening for that purpose.

Nowadays, we, as health practitioners, follow this philosophy, unlike conventional medicine (which did not exist in those days).

What is the procedure for Carbonic Acid – Ozone - Therapy?
The unclothed patient rests in a cubicle heated to 37° C. Firstly, 100 l of Co2 gas is released into the cubicle. This CO2 gas enters through the wide open pores of the skin and may diffuse up to 40 mm deep into the subcutaneous areas where it loosens the acid concretions which have built up over many decades. As soon as these concretions appear on the surface of the skin they will be killed off with 200 l of ozone. Ozone (O³) is known for its bactericidal, fungicidal, and anti viral effects on the skin’s surface. Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing qualities are largely due to the increase in blood circulation and a faster removal of substances which cause pain and inflammation. This procedure lasts 30 minutes.