iStock_000006756803SmallRising healthcare costs have not necessarily resulted in improved health.Something is wrong with our public health service. It is obvious that the purely symptom- orientated and highly technical, orthodox medicine has its limits. In the human body there is hardly any organ, tissue or element of function that cannot be damaged by acidosis (acidity), which, in turn, cannot be improved by detoxification.

Strengthening our Resistance
We should strive to strengthen our immune system. Thus, our integrated detoxification concept, concentrates on freeing the entire body from the toxins which have accumulated over the years.

To this end, the patient spends about thirty minutes in the carbonic acid – ozone - cubicle. These gases can diffuse up to 40mm deep into subcutaneous areas and dissolve toxins which have built up over many years. The cubicle can be seen on my homepage (see Biological Heart- & Circulation Medicine). Following the whole body detoxification in the cubicle, the patient breathes in 700 litres of ionised oxygen in the course of 60 minutes. Research has shown that the Oxygen – Combination - Therapy will stimulate the unspecific endogenous defence system. This is achieved by stimulating the phagocytic defence. Phagocytes are endogenous antibodies which destroy foreign bodies such as bacteria, but also cancer cells. Due to the Oxygen-Combination - Therapy (OCT) phagocytes increase in number as well as in activity. This is especially effective when OCT is combined with Organo - Therapy.

For different types of tumours various biological compounds such as thymus, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney, heart and brain peptides are being used. These vials, which are manufactured using minus 196° C liquid nitrogen (no preservatives), are completely natural.

Programme for Combined Holistic Detoxification of the HumanAdditionally, our patients will be treated with the chip card controlled magnetic field therapy, developed by the laboratories of the University of Saarland, Germany. The remarkable feature of this method developed by Dr. Warnke is, amongst other things, the fact that it achieves to rebuild the electrical cell tension, normally between 70-80 mV. Scientists worldwide have discovered that the cell tension in tumour regions often is no more than 5 to 15 mV. The chip card system according to Dr. Warnke, makes it possible to restore cell tension (this being just one component of all measures to be considered). The number of potential actions in our bodies per second is larger than the number of seconds in an average lifetime.
With a number of programmed chip cards, covering a frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 855.900 MHz, closed loops, organs, tissue, cells etc. are brought into resonance. The principle of chip card resonance is based on the irradiation of certain frequency patterns into the body. The human body has countless frequency patters, some of which are extremely important. One must know these and be able to carefully select them. However, this will not happen with just one single magnetic field frequency, not even if one switches frequencies. One feature of optimal selection of particular functions and subsequent effects is the simultaneous irradiation of various frequency cascades and rhythms.

In addition, every resonance cascade in the body needs a certain timeframe for the selection in order to be activated. This does not work by way of a fixed rate time, but must be steered individually. The individual chip cards are programmed in such a way, that they are able to distinguish certain treatment objectives such as “Space – Impulse Patterns” and “Dosis Events”.

Natural Whole Body DetoxicationIn conclusion, I would like to add that all the measures we take are in order to help the weakened immune system to take charge of our body once again. The immune system is a very complex system with specialised “branches of service” (antibodies, killer-cells, phagocytes etc.) and its very own highly sensitive communication system.

The only one who can cure us is the healer within!
So, ask us how we can help you. Whole body detoxification, as we practise it, has been demanded for years by proponents of alternative medicine.