The spinal column is not merely (as many still believe) the support system of the human body, it is, more importantly, the central life-axis for us human beings. To this day many anatomists are convinced that we are still not accustomed to walking and standing on two legs, despite the fact that we began to practise doing so over 800,000 years ago. While our cervical vertebrae have to carry the least load it is the lumbar region of the spine which has to carry the highest. Therefore, it is in the lumbar spine (L1 – L5) where most back pain originates.

Even minor torsions of the vertebrae (0.5 – 1.0 mm) will cause the pinching of highly sensitive nerve endings resulting in severe pain which will, if not treated immediately, indelibly etch itself into our nervous system.

To quote a well known German professor for pain therapy:
Not only terminally ill patients are being ignored, but also patients with rheumatism, phantom- and nerve pains, or sufferers from back pain. Germany is a developing country as concerns pain therapy…” (Do you believe that this is only true in Germany?)

Please remember that every day spent in pain is a lost day of your life. You will not get it back in the end.

If you have been diagnosed with rheumatism (arthritis and arthrosis are rheumatic diseases) and have been prescribed anti- rheumatic drugs, the chances are that you will develop severe stomach- and intestinal problems. This, in medical terms, is known as chronic acidosis. Sadly, it is a long term observation that the human body, resourceful as it may be, only has a limited amount of resources. Once these are depleted, life threatening illnesses can manifest themselves “out of the blue” – the straw which breaks the camel’s back.             

Solutions for orthopaedic illnesses

These include disc damage, arthritis, arthrosis, myogelosis, soft tissue rheumatism (e.g. fibromyalgia), hip-joint complaints, whiplash and knee trouble.

Back- and Disc Problems , Rheumatism, Arthritis and ArthrosisOver my last 18 years of practise I have seen a large number of patients presenting with the above afflictions, and I have had a good success rate in treating these restrictions of movement with magnetic field therapy. What is remarkable is that this is a percutaneous (through the skin) and risk free pain treatment using bipolar magnetic foils.

Based on 350 cases treated over 3 ½ years the findings were that:
42% were: free from pain, 22% were: significantly pain reduced, 15% were: pain reduced, 6% were: showing limited pain perception, and 14% were: unchanged. The fundamental advantage of this method is that no medications which may put a strain on the human body need to be used. This is quite obviously a principle which, thus far, has not been used in medicine.

An example: The myelography of the patient in question shows a prolapsed disc at L II/ III and L III / IV. For technical reasons the patient cannot be operated on for the next 4-6 weeks. He wants to know what alternatives there are besides medication to alleviate his severe pain as he does not want to take “a handful of pills” continually, every day. An experienced neurosurgeon considers this vertebral disc operation to be inevitable.

In the meantime, he was treated with the Magnetic – System (Pharma Ref. No. 356 74 05). A magnetic field foil was applied against the spine, corresponding to the area where the pain occurred. Over 200 circular magnetic fields were attached on the patient´s mattress. Two hours of treatment resulted in a considerable relief from pain, and, after 24 hours, the patient was free from pain.

A subsequent appointment with the neurosurgeon (for the purpose of arranging a date for the operation) showed that surgery was no longer required as the patient was now pain free.

Three years later slight pain re-occurred. A renewed application of the foil again succeeded in relieving pain completely. In the years that followed there were only minor complaints.

The average length of treatment of 6 ½ weeks (45 days) is based on the fact that these patients were long-term, chronic sufferers. The 80% success rate of this treatment is impressive, considering the pain intensity suffered by these patients.

How does this method work?
• Application of the magnetic foil on the skin will generate small eddies in the electrically conductive blood.
• These eddies generated in the blood dilate the blood vessels.
• The body temperature in the periphery of the magnetic field increases by 8° C.
• The oxygen content in the blood rises rapidly and metabolism of the skin cells is activated.
• By the same measure that the oxygen content in the blood increases, cholesterol and triglycerides decrease.

Magnetic - Field – Therapy is risk free

In contrast to electrically generated magnetic fields, which can be dangerous at a higher frequency, the above method makes use of permanent magnets which do not lose their magnetisation. Thus, for diseases of the muscularskeletal system, an improved bone / cartilage structure can be expected. This is also true for neck and muscle tension and for arthropacies.

German – Swiss Double Blind Study 1990

A double blind study, conducted by MDs Schultze (Stuttgart) and Schröder (Maischhausen), of 104 previously treated patients with cervical syndrome, shoulder – arm – syndrome, and lumbalgia of the lower vertebrae (lower back pain) found that:

After one week: 61% were pain free (6% with placebos)

After two weeks: 74% were pain free 23% had only minor pain

97% were treated successfully

"This experience shows that it is highly recommended to treat similar types of pain predominantly with bipolar magnetic foils."