presse3by Herbert Ziesse in „Die Naturheilkunde", issue 4/2006


A university professor of medicine declared: „We studied ourselves stupid." Or as the well-known surgeon Prof. Dr. Bier said „Next to each orifice of the human body specialists lurk who have grown more and more away from the remaining, the whole human, being only technicians, maybe even master-technicians, but not doctors anymore."

While acute pain is a warning signal of the organism and makes sense biologically, chronic pain can detach from ist original illness and become a problem in itself. Acute pain can be appreciated as a watch-dog of health, in chronic pain on the other hand there is nothing good. Considering all the people living in Germany - 7,5 billion of them plagued by chronic pain and given such hopeful hints as „Learn to live with it" or „You're not as young as you used to be" - I wonder what is amiss here. One-track therapeutical strategies like administering synthetic-chemical analgetics oder antirheumaticals don't suffice at all. Every other person over 35 has already („worn out") degenerative joints and doesn't know about it, often a result of not using the sinews and ligaments.


Rheumatics without lobby
Pain therapyIn this forum, I'm sure I won't have to explain „en detail" that orthopaedic ailments and illnesses respectively (e.g. intervertebral disc degeneration, arthritis, arthrosis, myogelosis, soft part rheumatism, osteoporosis) involve massive derailments of the acid-base-balance. It it sufficiently known that blood, most body fluids and the joint fluid of healthy persons are slighlty alkaline (pH 7,4). With all imflammations and swelling of joints, the reaction is acidic (pH 7,2 to 6,8). This acidity in the joint and the joint capsule is causing pain. It is easy to comprehend that these acid-damages are difficult to repair. At my website (www.naturheilpraxis-mallorca-com) the complete detoxication is explained. Every second 1024 reactions happen in the human body. A single cell needs 1,750,000 protein molecules. On average, 1,458 proteins (enzymes) are synthesised in one second. For this, 2,187,000 ATPmolrcules are consumed. The field of science for proteingeneration and -modification is called Proteomic-Engineering - a facett of bionics. Bionics, by the way, means nothing else but „to imitate nature". Founding member of the Gesellschaft für Technische Biologie und Bionik an der Universität des Saarlandes (the society for technical biology and bionics at the Saarland University) is the physicist Dr. rer. Nat. Ulrich Warnke, internationally accepted among experts.


Individual magnetic-field-therapy: Practical application
After the diagnoses the individual regulation of intensity for the treatment is detected using an monitor for amplitude windows. Since the energetic deficiency of each patient is different, this shows me exactly, how the computer will have to be programmed during the treatment. With differently programmed chip-cards, which cover frequencies from 0,1 Hz to 855,9 MHz, control loops, organs, tissue, cells and much more are brought to resonate (For comparison only: When I started practising with a „dinosaur" of magnetic field therapy, I could use only two different field intensities at the ratio of 1:2 and two different frequencies (50 and 100 Hz). Considering that the body's action potential per second is bigger than the amount of seconds of an average life-span, I'm left with only humility and profound gratitude towards the universal intelligence. Now we have chipcards that enhance generation of bone tissue (chip card „Osteo"), thus making direct hits for many of the joint ailments (rheumatic illnesses, disorders of bone healing). Time and again, I'm especially surprised by the application of the chip-card „Vitalisation", which I use for treating disturbed blood flow and bad wound healing of the soft parts (ulcera). This seems so important to me because it is demonstrably possible to widen the blood vessels (more than 96,000 kilometers altogether) impressively without risk. Here nitrate monoxide (NO) has a key function. One of the most important tasks of NO is to widen the blood vessels and thereby inducing the red blood cells to release more oxygen into the tissue. In addition, the blood pressure is regulated and the blood is cleaned. For more fields of application (Dolores, vigilance etc.) please consult the author.


Nature doesn't have a sense of humour, it is always true, always earnest, always severe, it is always right and all mistakes and errors are human (Goethe)


Percutaneous, risk-free pain treatment with magnet-foil For aftertreatmentI often use „circular magnet foils".
Practical applicationTwenty years ago, a clinical study of the Vienna Poliklinik already proved: The largest group of patients with cervical syndrome, shoulder-arm-syndrome, back pain, lumbalgia and leg ailments showed an impressing success rate of more than 80%. The average treatment time of about 6,5 weeks results from the fact, that these were not acute, but chronic cases.The special print of Erfahrungsheilkunde, volume 37, issue 10, October 1988, describes the case of a 70-year old with severe lumbalgia caused by spinal disc hernia. Myelography shows a disc prolapse at LII/III and L III/IV. Due to technical reasons surgery has to be postponed 4 to 6 weeks. The patients asks for means to reduce the severe pain until then apart from medicamentous treatment.. He doesn't want to take „a handful of pills a day". An experienced neurosurgeon deems the disc surgery inevitable. Firstly a changing magnet foil has been applicated paralumbally to the corresponding pain region of the patient. After two hours a distinct decrease in pain occurs, after 24 hours complete analgesia which lasts 2 ½ years. Consultion of the neurosurgeon in order to arrange a date for surgery results in the statement that surgical measures are not considered neccessary anymore due to the painfree state.
18 years ago I was so impressed by this special print that by now I was allowed to witness several hundreds of similar cases. Even healthy people (some of my patients are Iberia-Airlines-pilots) who, due to a „burn out". undergo detoxication in my practice, experience regaining complete mobility in the cervical or lumbal area - they don't want to fly anymore without the magnetic fields shown in the illustration. Especially pilots flying „long range" appreciate the comfortably warmth emanating from the magnetic fields. Dentist, often impaired by unnatural movements during their long workhours, often have cervical problems. The list can be extended arbitrarily for many other professions.


This article reports on the percutane, non-medicamentous treatment of myo-fasciopathies with an „impact- therapeutical" electro-dynamic magnetic field and changing magnet foils. In the last nearly 20 years several thousands patients were treated. Of them, 42 % are pain free, 22% with distinctly decreased pain, 6 % with slightly decreased pain and 14 % without effect. There have been no accounts of tolerance build-up or decrease in therapeutic effect. One of the main advantages of the treatment is that is does not involve any drugs, which would strain the organism additionally. Another one is the small cost. Obviously it is a principle not yet used in medical science.


At this point I would like to thank Dr. U. Warnke, who helped me to successes barely conceivable with the findings of his lab team at Saarland University.