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Mallorca, June 30th, 2006 (profact) - Biological medicine:

SauerstoffbehandlungEvery year Petra D. (49) undergoes a carbonic acid-ozone-treatment at a naturopathy practice. First, it was only an uncomfortable tingling, then the pain followed. Petra D. suffered for a long time from circulatory disturbance in her arms and legs. Sometimes the disturbance was so intense that the personal secretary couldn't work for days. „My doctor prescribed pills", the woman from Frankfurt tells „and I was told to practice gymnastics." The therapy did help, but not as long as the agile woman hoped it would. "But then my best friend told me about the carbonic-acid-ozone-treatment on Mallorca". For five years, Petra D. spends a week per year on the sun-island, undergoes every time three sessions in a special steam bath. „The effect goes on for twelve to fifteen month", the mother of two adult sons rejoices. „Both at work and at home I became a different person through this. Many things are no more trouble for me, and the pain in arms and legs is gone, too".